FAQs on Personalization and Engraving

We have a motto at High Country Gifts and Engraving.....engraved gifts become lasting memories! You can create lasting memories by personalizing your gift selection with names, dates, a message of love, appreciation, congratulations, friendship or recognition of a job well done. Gift giving becomes a memorable event as the recipient realizes the extra steps you have taken to make their gift a lasting memory. 
We have tried to think of every question we have been asked over our 25 years of engraving and hope that we have answered all of them below. Should you ever need more information, please call customer service Monday - Friday 10am to 6pm Mountain Time toll free at 800-953-3991.

Why should I personalize my gift?

Everyone loves to see their name on something special, why else would large corporations put their logo on everything? This is especially true if someone spells their name in a unique way. Adding a name, date, or special message lets the recipient know that you thought so much of them that you took that extra step to make this gift unique. Engrave your wedding date on your cake knife and server and the toasting goblets. It’s a great way to help the groom always remember your anniversary? Birthdates on pictures frames make it easy to sneak a look and remember to send a birthday gift! Show how much you care with personalization and the gift becomes a treasured keepsake. High Country Gifts and Engraving makes it simple to add that extra touch to your gift giving. Engraving is always optional, if you do not want the item engraved, leave the text box empty. 

How much does engraving cost?

All of our engraved items come with the first 4 characters of engraving free. Each additional character costs 40 cents per character. The engraving calculator will automatically add engraving charges and show you the cost. Your order will reflect the initial price of the item with the engraving cost added to it.

Pairs or sets of items
Items such as pairs of flutes, cake server sets, pen/pencil sets and other pairs or sets will usually have the same engraving done on each piece. The first four letters will still be free on the set, but the additional engraving price will be doubled to include engraving on both pieces. Read the description on each item carefully, it will tell you whether one or all pieces will be engraved the same. Special requests can be taken, but must be phoned in to customer service at 800-953-3991 during customer service hours. Mon-Fri 10am-6pm Mountain Time.

How does the engraving calculator work?

Simply type in the message you would like to see engraved on your item and the engraving calculator will total your engraving charges. The engraving price will automatically be added to the price of the item purchased when you see it on your order.
Price of item plus engraving from the calculator equals total price shown on order.

How long will it take to personalize and ship my order?

Most engraving and personalization will be completed in 2-4 working days. We will ship your order via your shipping choice as soon as the engraving is completed. Using standard shipping you can expect your package 3-8 business days after that, depending on how close to Montana you live. Delivery times are not guaranteed, but are our best approximation and will vary with specific requests. Shipments and deliveries only occur on weekdays. Shipping and Delivery is subject to change and will be determined at the time of order. Expedited shipping is available from the ordering page. You will be notified by email if an item is out of stock and given the option to back order or hold the order until it is complete. UPS will not ship to a PO Box, your order will be delayed if you do not include a street address. We ship to all locations in the continental United States. If you live locally, you will have the option to pick up at our Bozeman store. Please choose that option in the shipping options.

What will the engraving look like?

Click here to look at all the lettering style choices. Please take care to note the letters highlighted in red. These letters are the ones that our customers sometimes have a problem with. The letters I, J, K are the ones that cause the most problems. Once you have decided on the message and lettering styles our professional engravers will layout and size your message to fit the item. Engraving will automatically be centered on the item. We will contact you if there are any questions or problems with your order. If you prefer not to have your item personalized choose no engraving from the drop down box of font styles.

What does it mean when it says 2 line or 3 line?

Engraving is all done with lines and a diamond engraver. The line thickness is no wider than a ball point pen. In order to make the lettering appear thicker, several lines are placed together. A 2 line font will have 2 strokes per letter, while a 3 line font will have 3 strokes per letter. On smaller sized letters the letter will just appear thicker, but on larger letters you may be able to actually see each stroke or line.

Can I add a special design to my gift?

Yes and no. We do offer designs in our store, but do not have them available online at this time. We hope to offer them online in the future.

Can you do custom designs or logos?

Our graphic design department will be happy to digitize your company logo, signature or custom design. There is a one time design fee for this, and a per piece engraving price depending on size and complexity of the logo. Please contact us toll free at 800-953-3991 for further details

Do you engrave on items that you do not sell?

Our 30 years of engraving experience has allowed us to engrave all types of items, including items not purchased in our store. We have had fun engraving everything from I-pods, chrome wheel covers, spurs, belt buckles, drumsticks, pool cues, and many other items. Wood, metal, plastic, glass, jewelry, we engrave it all. Each item comes with its own unique set up fee and we always reserve the right to refuse any item. All engraving must be approved by our engravers before we attempt any job and we will inform you of our standard disclosures about the possible side effects for your item. We prefer not to engrave priceless heirloom items as there is always some risk involved with every engraving job.